Mid-Autumn 2022: Golden Autumn

This year, we have decided to have our own in-house designed packaging for this Mid-Autumn’22. With the theme of ‘Golden Autumn’, our team designed a black background to imitate the night skies with dazzling stars and our logo replicating the moon in gold shining down the happiness of golden moments celebrating together in every Golden Bites on our mooncakes.

We hope to bring you the ultimate premium packaging design to celebrate this Mid-Autumn with your loved ones, or a gift to just anyone including yourself! Besides focusing on the outlook of the box, we have also improved our mooncake recipes to bring better flavours.

Cloud Puffs - NEW!

Choux Puffs layered with French choux pastry, creating the layering effects that gives you optimal crisp in every bite. Launching with THREE flavours to choose from.

New Flavour Choux Puffs

The classic French Choux au Craquelin with THREE new flavours to choose from!

Musang King Choux Puff


Hurry up and get your Musang King BITES now before it runs out again!

About Us

A pastry chef of 10 years – Kelvin, whom 1 day decided to combine his love for durian with his all time best-selling cheesecake during his time in a neighbourhood bakery. After receiving numerous compliments while sharing with his friends, including non-durian/cheesecake lover, he decided to share this wonderful versatile dessert with the world.

At Golden Bites, we aim to serve durian-lovers like you; authentic durian-infused desserts. Not only they are preservative-free, artificial colouring and flavouring-free, they are also 100% muslim-friendly. 

Like to know more? Reach out to us! We don’t ‘bite’.

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