Frequently Asked Questions

Operational Q’s

What are our operating hours and days?

We operate from 10am – 6pm, and close on every Wednesday and Sunday.

Can we still do deliveries on our closed days?

Yes, but only with minimum ordered quantities.

Do you allow walk-ins to purchase?

No, we are a private kitchen. All orders are required to be placed through our
website and pre-ordered at least 1 day ahead as all orders are made-to-order.

Can we arrange surprise order deliveries?

We do not encourage surprise deliveries unless you are firm that the recipient will
be able to collect. Surprise deliveries are 100% at your own risk, and we will not be
liable for any refund or replacement.

Riders/delivery personnel will wait for no longer than 10 minutes upon arriving at delivery location. Re-delivery will be required.

How/What is re-delivery?

Riders/delivery personnel will only wait for no longer than 10 minutes. If re-delivery is required, a minimum of RM20 will be incurred and will be subjected to next availability.

Can date/time be amended if order has been placed?

Time/day amendments are strictly subjected to availability and are not
guaranteed to be done. Feel free to reach out to us.

Can orders be cancelled?

No, orders cannot be cancelled once placed.

If cancellation is required, no refund can be performed.

Is cash transaction allowed if order is selected for pick-up?

No, we do not handle cash transactions. All transactions will be done via the
website through the given payment methods.

Can you place an order but arrange your own delivery service?

Yes! Select pick-up at checkout and indicate the delivery service we are to expect
in the remark column during checkout. Do note that your arrangement should
follow the selected day and time.

Unhappy with the treats?

Feel free to return it back to us, we will check on quality and compensate
according to your order subjected to Pastry Chef’s approval. However, do bear in
mind that we will only bear 1 way delivery cost.

Treats should be returned to us no longer than it’s best consumed days starting
from the date of delivery and no more than 20% consumed. Anything beyond that will not be allowed as treats’ taste
and texture may change and quality checks will not be accurate.

Treats were finished but dissatisfied with quality OR thrown out due to dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately, if we are unable to receive treats, quality checks and
compensation cannot be performed.

Can I request for separate packaging?

Yes, please reach out to us for customised packaging. However, extra charges may incur.

Food + Menu Q’s

Are our treats halal-certified?

We are yet to be halal-certified but all ingredients used are 100%

How early can you place an order?

Any time once you’re firm with your purchase, there is an availability
calendar at checkout for you to select your preferred day/time. If they’re in
grey, it means we are either full or closed.

Are our treats vegan, gluten-free?

Our treats consist of eggs and cheese. For vegan options, please reach
out to us, but there will be a certain MOQ for it.
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