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Bundle of Mooncakes


Bundle of Mooncakes, comes with – Set of 4 Handmade Musang King Lava Mooncakes + Set of 3 Premium Musang King Snowskin.

Signature Handmade Musang King Lava Mooncake:

  • Bamboo charcoal covered, 24K edible gold dust sprinkled on top – lava mooncake.
  • Non-sweetened durian lotus paste embracing lava Musang King for the lava mooncake and handmade from scratch.
  • Comes in 65g in weight, 2.2 inch in diameter.

Premium Musang King Snowskin

  • 100% Musang King filled with chewy mochi-like texture.
  • 65g in weight, 2.2 inch in diameter.

*available for preorder only.

Sold Out!



  • Lava Mooncakes to be stored in cool/dry area, avoid direct sunlight, do not put in fridge/freezer.
  • Best consume within 3 -5 days upon receiving for Lava Mooncakes.
  • Premium Musang King Snowskin to be stored in freezer at all times.
  • Thaw 5-10 minutes for ice-cream texture, 30 minutes for chewy-mochi texture.
  • Preservative-free, no artificial colouring and flavoring added.
  • All mooncakes are 100% muslim-friendly.


Storing Instruction

Keep out of direct sunlight/heat.

Store in cool/dry area.


This product is only available for preorder only.

Price stated above EXCLUDED delivery fee.

Delivery is ONLY available within Klang Valley area.


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