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Durian Tart


Flavours of Spring – bringing you a variety of tarts this Chinese New Year, handmade from scratch in our best hopes to give you a delightful Flavours of Spring.

A highly requested twist of taste that started in 2021 – Durian Tart. Melty crust and durian-filled.

*delivery only available on 14 January onwards.


Sold Out!

What's in this set?

  • 3 jars of Durian Tart.
  • 12 pieces per jar.
  • Re-usable rattan basket.
  • A pack of Golden Bites specially designed angpao (5pcs)
  • CNY Greeting Card

Allergen: tarts contains dairy, eggs, nuts.


Additional information

Tart Selection

Mixed Berry Chocolate Tart & Musang King Durian Cheese Tart, Musang King Durian Cheese Tart & Orange Curd Tart, Orange Curd Tart & Mixed Berry Chocolate Tart

Storing Instruction

Cookies are best consumed within 1-2 weeks. Store in cool/dry area, away from direct sunlight.


This set is only available for pre-order. Delivery from 14 January, 2022 onwards.

Price stated above EXCLUDED delivery fee.

Delivery is available out of KL/SEL area. Please reach out to us for further details.


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