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Raya Cookie Basket


Our Raya Cookie Basket that consists of cookies single-handedly and specially curated by our Lead Baker – Rabi, to put all the childhood cookies that she grew up with. She wants to bring back some of the cookies which she has always enjoyed with her loved ones during every Raya celebration; and to share this love with everyone else during this month of forgiveness.

We have also once again come together with a collaboration with Pelik Peliq and their special colour sourced hand-weaved basket by the Penan Women Project.

*delivery available on 14 April onwards.



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What's in this Cookie Basket?

☾ 1x hand-weaved basket by the Penan Women Project
☾ 2x Tapping Tapir (Orange & Jasmine, Hibiscus & Lime)
☾ 1 loaf Marble Cake
☾ 1x Durian Tart
☾ 1x London Almond & Cornflakes with Cranberries
☾ 2x Green Apples
☾ 1x Greeting Card
☾ 5 pcs Raya Sampul

Option for non-durian:

☾ 1x Pineapple Tart

Allergen: cookies contains dairy, eggs, nuts.


Additional information

Storing Instruction

Cookies are best consumed within 1-2 weeks. Store in cool/dry area, away from direct sunlight.


This set is only available for pre-order. Delivery from 14 April, 2022 onwards.

Price stated above EXCLUDED delivery fee.

Delivery is available out of KL/SEL area. Please reach out to us for further details.


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